Drawing Children Into P E A C E

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." - Plato




The above paper can be printed, cut in half down the center and placed in a student's peace journal. Students can then write a peace quote that they will memorize. Once they are confident that they can recite the quote, they may do so to a parent or teacher for a My HEART sticker. During the process of memorizing, a student can reflect on what the quote means to them and how it can be applied to their life. These thoughts can be written down in the bottom half of these journal pages. Once a student has received five My HEART stickers, they will receive a BY HEART button. The more encouragement we offer to let these positive thoughts into our lives, the more positive is entering our lives.


The below paper can be used in the peace journals to illustrate and write peace quotes of others or creations we develop on our own.



Study PEACE KEEPERS from around the world. Discuss what part of the world they are from and use a peace paper below to illustrate that area of the globe. Draw with students the figures in their native garb, in proportion, using the papers' above guide lines. Write, below the globes, about the PEACE KEEPERS' life efforts to teach peace.

The By HEART Papers can be used to discuss a person, place or thing in relation to an area of the globe. Some  papers can be used to ask students what they do for peace. Then they can illustrate and write about this topic. The paper below, with the views of the globe can be, colored, glued together to make a 3D globe. People can practice handwriting with peace stationary or postcards. Mobiles, like the ones in the video to the right, can be made. One can use the wrapped peace symbol at the top and string a mobile of Peace on Earth. Have a history or geography lesson in relation to peace... the list continues to grow.



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Print on Card Stock, Cut Out the Peace Doves, Hang and Make a Peace Dove Mobile  or Cut Out and Glue Together for More Fun.




Print ........................ Share............................ Enjoy the path of PEACE.


In the handwriting books I found from 1884 children practiced handwriting by writing proverbs. I was inspired to create handwriting papers for all ages to practice manuscript and cursive and be exposed to the great thinkers about PEACE. Above are examples of peace papers with NEW ONES ADDED. They are meant to inspire conversations and thoughts of peace.  Teachers may quote or write for the students thoughts of peace on the board for them to copy down. Students can then provide their own original thoughts and drawings on the topic. Additionally we added globe papers to talk about peace in relation to a peaceful person and/or their location on the map.  They can be used as possible history, geography or biography lessons of individuals emulating peace in their life's work.

In the tradition of the 1800's the students pencil in the copies and ink over their best one. I'm hoping that the students color in the globes and get to know the planet we share.


Wendy Anderson Halperin

Window Displays for PEACE

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