Drawing Children Into P E A C E

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." - Plato


Children's Perspective on Peace

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"Helping a friend helps the world."

Payton Fennel


"No one is a loser."

Natalie Hayden


"You can't just wait for a happy ending, you have to make one."

Nicholas Fortino


"Life is like a crayon, draw it."


"Roses smell better when you are happy."


"If you want a light, be the light."

Paige Consigny for above three


"Whine less breathe more hate less love more."

Cameron Reynolds


"Talk nice not mean"

"Don't just be a friend, be a nice one."



Student entries above (six) were not selected for the PEACE book, but we still wanted to share the children's lovely work. Use the About Peace papers below to create your own illustration and story of what you do for peace. Scan your work and email it to us at whalperin@gmail.com to be considered for this page of the website.

Children's Peace Quotes on Wendy Anderson Halperin's Illustrated Peace Flags

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