Drawing Children Into P E A C E

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." - Plato


Join us in this project and paint a table or chair for peace. Paint it for your classroom, bedroom, living room or city park. Take a photo of your chair and send us your images to post on this website.                         Tables For Peace - Attn: Holley at dcir.office@gmail.com

Peace Table #4 - Wendy's School Peace Table

Table Art and Table


Finished table top to the left. Completed tables (including bolted,detachable legs seen above (rt), a backed print sealed and bolted under Plexiglas) will be available soon.

Peace Table #3 - A Round Table of Peace Project

Peace Table #2 - A Traveling Children's Table of Peace

This table and chairs was donated to a school for a year.

The set will then travel to another school.

Peace Table #1 - The First Table for the Peace Project

Inspired by the Greeks

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